Thursday, 9 February 2012

The Titfield Experience.

Well as some may or may not be aware, back in June 2011, I returned to the stage after a two your break from the boards and my love of acting, and after many a distraction, I knew that once I auditioned at The Dolman Theatre in Newport, Wales, It would only be a matter of time, before I would be walking the boards again, but at this great theatre, here in Newport.

In retrospect though, it is funny how things work out. I was actually at the Dolman, one saturday morning in April to audition for a play that was going to be part of the Dolmans new season of plays. Anyway, while i was at the audition, this was when I was asked to be in Titfield Thunderbolt, which had just started its rehearsal process a few weeks earlier. I was told that I would be part of the film extras which would be on stage throughout in the background. I had no idea of what the play was about, and I had no idea, what I would be doing really. But looking back, I'm pleased that I took part. What a play to break my start at such a great theatre, a play with such a great cast, director, and crew. I believe  that its with thanks to them, that has made me get to where I am creatively now. And for that I am truly grateful!

Titfield Thunderbolt was performed in a very different way to how I had imagined. Originally The Titfield Thunderbolt was a film, an Ealing Comedy from the 1950's. The way that the play was directed, was in the style of the audience actually watching the film being filmed. With lots of hurried, but in my opinion,  proffessionally done scene changes and costume changes, to which I had a few.

My character which changed from scene to scene, was that of a villager mostly and of a drunkard in one particular scene. The scenes were either set in pubs or that of the train station and though I was part of  the ensamble and that my part was non-speaking, I still made the most of the part that was given to me, and to have the chance to work with such a great cast was truly amazing.

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