Friday, 5 August 2011

Home From Home: Nostalgia. Part One

As I'm edging towards the end of a relatively, both interesting & eye opening (to say the least) two weeks holiday from the dredges of work, (I know, that last part sounded dramatic) I thought it was only right to share with you some of the places that I returned to on my travels.

This also gave me the conclusion, that places of your past, don't change, but then its not just the places, but in retrospect, the people in those places don't change either. (this by no means is aimed at anyone in particular... Or is it???)

One place that stands out and played a vital part in my childhood, is West Witton near Leyburn in North Yorkshire. A place I have only skimmed past in recent years, so in truth in its actual entirety returned to last saturday for the first time in Twenty One Years. Yes I may have visited for personal reasons, five months back, but to actually get out of the car and walk in the traces of your old footsteps from twenty one years ago, is another thing. I was fourteen then, a teenager, unaware of what I would be doing throughout the next twenty one years to come.

To the left is a place very close to my heart. what used to be the village shop, owned by my late grand father, back in the late 70's & early 80's. Memories!!!

What also is surprising, is how compact this small village is, in comparison to when I was a small boy living there when I was just 3,4,5 & 6 years old. Things, were so much different then, back through the eyes of a child. My grand father would walk from his cottage daily, to open up shop, and to me the distance would seem like miles, but now as an adult, is literally a stones throw away.

Above, the apparently cosy Fox & Hounds, which is right next to what was my grand dads cottage. As much as I love an occasional beer now, I have never ever been inside this pub. Remarkable really!!!

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  1. Fascinating to see once again, I remember walking over the front cobbles of the Fox and Hounds many times as a little boy with Grandad on the way up to the shop!

    I'm not sure if I went in the Fox and Hounds once with someone as a child - it always had an air of mystery to me and certainly felt as though I knew the place - maybe one day we will go in for a pint!