Saturday, 26 March 2011


As mentioned in my very first blog entry, I discussed that the whole reason behind me ever blogging in the first place was because of  the plan I have to return to acting, not only as a past time , but also as a start to pave the way forward professionally. So what better way other than to return to acting but by heading off to the Dolman Theatre in Newport four weeks ago to attend my first audition in almost two years. To some budding thespians, having an audition looming ahead can be a daunting experience and a nerve racking process. But to me, this wasn't the case. The best thing you can possibly do is to enjoy it! Which of course I did!!!

The audition was to potentially be part of the Newport Playgoers, who were looking for new actors to join them, with the hope of being invited back for read through's to the eight plays they are going to produce for the next season, which of course would go on to another audition for one of the plays. I had already prepared an audition piece and thought that one I was very familiar with would be key to cracking what I would call the first stage of the audition process, in the hope of landing a role. The monologue that I chose was a piece from "Brassed Off" a stage play by Paul Allen.

Myself as Phil in "Brassed Off", Summer 2008. Doing my oh so favourite monologue.

And so there I was in The Dolman bar area, on a gloriously sunny day, feeling good, and with no surprise a Starbucks latte, which I drank earlier swimming through my body, in order to perk me up on the 09:30 call.

Once my name and contact details were given, I noticed that the turn out was relatively small, so far anyone feeling the rush of nerves, needn't have been nervous at all, and so it was... I was the first one up. The audition scene set. About six chairs on stage and  I was to take my place centre stage. With about five of the committee members watching, I still didn't feel nervous. In all honesty I was the most comfortable I had been with myself in months, and to me this could only be a good thing. I soon came to life as I walked into the auditorium and to be back on a stage performing even if for only a couple of minutes, well it was the happiest I had been in for about a year. More importantly was the fact that the monologue I had chosen was still fresh with the committee members as they had recently produced "Brassed Off" in the previous year. Once the audition piece was finished, it appeared that they had enjoyed it, and asked me to read something different, and so added into the bargain I did a bit of sight reading, which okay, I was rusty with as I hadn't done any in two years, and then a duologue, just to see how I worked with other cast members.

However, I knew that this felt right. I was finally making a step in the right direction. And to hear that the committee invited me back for a few of the read thru's as well, it proved that this was the inevitable. I had been putting off for eighteen months, what of course was meant to be.

The stage was indeed calling me.


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