Friday, 18 March 2011

An Introduction... To The Introduction.

Well this is me Paul Howells.

Doing the inevitable, in one of the most creative ways possible. For some time (years, even) I have written a lot personally, privately but very little publicly. So what else better to do, other than set up my own creative slice of blog with  a clean language of banta (well mostly), instalments of adventures, grumbles and anecdotes of everyday (well every other day) life to hopefully entertain you, the reader!!! Not only this but I may place a few reviews up on here to grab you by the short and curlies to help sway you in the right direction of seeing the perfect movie, or to have you listen to that All - Fantastic CD!

For those of you that don't know me, I'm a versatile trained actor of about 8 years (out of the 15 years I have been a budding thespian) and to have plugged away proffessionally like a desperate actor would since graduating, I am sad to say, to that I couldn't even compare. This of course has been down to the occasional obsticles that life / fate chooses to throw at you without warning. So, yes! It is obvious that things in life are indeed sent to try and test us. However throughout this I have done stints of extra / walk on work for North East  TV Productions such as "55 Degrees North" (Zenith North, BBC), "Wire in the Blood" (Coastal Productions) and "Byker Grove" (BBC) to name but a few. But in good sted to truly find my way creatively I went back to my theatrical roots back in 2008, and appeared in stage shows back home in Richmond, North Yorkshire at the world famous "Georgian Theatre".  One of the oldest, long standing existing theatres in England. With roles in  the drama "Brassed Off" in the summer of that year. By far and large a role that I connected with, and did myself proud. This to me landmarked a restoration in my creativity. 

Sheridans comedy "The Rivals" showed that I am both versatile and capable of performing comedy, as I hadn't previously divulged comic value on stage and finally John Godbers black comedy "Bouncers", and  it is with thanks as always that I will remain forever greatful for those very good friends and associates at  RADS (Richmond Amateur Dramatics Society). As not only did they help restore confidence in my acting ability, but also reignited my creativity and passion for a career I thought had been long gone from my life and am now long over due in persuing proffessionally.

So what lies ahead is the real work, the real chance at poking proffessionally at the theatrical pie and take a  slice of oppurtunity, and when potential success does happen. I'm hoping that you will share with me, the journey I will have embarked on. But until then, you will have to make do with the usual shanannigans that I'm very well known for.



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