Sunday, 27 March 2011

The Read Through : Time To Familiarise.

If anyone was to ask me what the actors terminology of a read through is, I would have to reply that it's about the actor getting to grips with the play, pre - audition. This could be (in this case) about getting to know a play you just know nothing about, and this alone could lead to a few problems that an actor that has been out of touch with his creativity (one such as myself) would have to over come.

Sight reading, which I'll admit, I'm a tad rusty at and if you know nothing about the play whatsoever, you wouldn't really know about the character you are reading for. And this is why we have the read through, to help us, as actors familiarise ourselves, with not just the dialogue, but the play itself.

This was certainly the case today.

The theatre company I was with this morning, sat around this long table, a bit like a board room and also a lot like the read through that I once saw on last Christmas's Doctor Who Confidential. Of course they were professional actors on TV. however the actors I was with this morning, were indeed a close match and a pleasure to be in the company of.

We briefly skimmed through eight plays, that The Newport Playgoers would be producing from September this year, and after a few rusty stumbles and nervous thumbles, I managed to make it through the read through with my head held high. Being at this read through also gave me an idea of how other actors tackled various other characters, and also more importantly tackled their site reading. This I believe that this vastly brought me up to date with current values that as an actor I would have to under take.

Firstly, speaking clipped and clearly. Pronounciating and articulating the words.
Secondly, don't rush the dialogue, take your time in reading it out loud. Being able to take your time will help you relax into it, and in time your confidence will build.

This certainly was my experience today and most enjoyable.


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